Class 2 2023-24

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We have just started our new topic 'Up up and away'
The children will be learning about explorers in the world of flight such as Amelia Earhart, Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake.
We will be having a D&T day designing and making our own kites.
The children will be writing instructions to teach someone how to fly a kite.
We will have an exciting visitor coming in to meet the children - a real life helicopter pilot! The children will be able to listen to adventurous stories, photographs and learn all about lift in flight in a aeroplane investigation.
Math's - The children are covering addition and subtraction facts to 20 fluently. The children will be using concrete objects and pictorial representations to investigate this. The children will also be learning to describe the properties of 2D shapes such as number of sides, line of symmetry in a vertical line. The children will also be learning to identify and describe the properties of 3D shapes such as the number of edges, vertices and faces.
Bridge to spelling - Now the children have completed their phonics programme they have began 5 weeks of teaching foundational skills for spelling. In the new year we will begin a 20 week spelling programme.
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Termly Overviews
Topic 'Up up and away' covering History & Geography.
Maths - Addition & Subtraction & Shape.
Literacy - Instructional writing.
Reading - Little Wandle reading programme 
History - Explore and compare what is was like for Amelia Earhart to fly 100 years ago and what it is like to fly today.
Geography - Look at a map of Amelia Earhart's flight route and learn how to use world maps, atlases and globes to identify the continents and oceans.
Art - Drawing to tell a story - the children will explore using a variety of mark making skills to show movement and texture, depth, light and dark.
Science - The children will be learning about the use of everyday materials and learning about the recycling process.
The children will also be rehearsing for their Christmas performance.
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