Y6 Kilvrough 2022 School Journey

We are all really excited about our school Journey this year!
We will aim to put daily updates of our time at Kilvrough on here ....
Day 1 Update!
We had a fantastic journey over to Kilvrough with a stop at Newport Services on the way. On arrival, we met our instructors for the week and then had a chance to explore the grounds over lunchtime. During the afternoon we took part in a selection of team-building activities and then enjoyed a hearty meal of fish fingers, mashed potato and beans, followed by jelly and ice cream. Straight after dinner, we all got stuck into the Kilvrough orienteering course, which was challenging but very fun as it was dark before the end. After such an eventful day, bedtime was very smooth with everyone asleep by 10pm- quite a result for the first night!
More news to follow on Tuesday evening…
Day 2 Update
Today has been a great day and the children have mostly fallen asleep as soon as their heads have hit the pillows! Groups A and B ventured to the beach to do some climbing and abseiling and all agreed to work on helping and supporting each other, which they did very well. Group C took to the water today in canoes on the Neath Canal. They all agreed to persevere and keep going and did really well, getting all the way to the end (& back!) We had a delicious evening meal of bolognaise followed by apple crumble. After tea, we ventured back out into the woods to build dens in the dark which was great fun. After such an action packed day, everyone is hopefully going to get a great night’s sleep!
Day 3 Update
The weather today has been stunning, or as they say in Wales, ‘well lush!’ After a brilliant night’s sleep, the children ate a hearty breakfast and then prepared for their main activities. Groups A and B had their canoeing day and did brilliantly sailing their length of the Neath canal. No one ended up in the water so they all returned to camp looking pristine! Group C climbed today at the beautiful Southgate beach. After a morning of rock scrambling and crawling through tiny cave cracks, everyone climbed up some challenging rock faces and were great at supporting each other and controlling the ropes at the bottom. Tonight we are looking forward to a roast chicken dinner and then the night walk to Pennard Castle. Before bed, we will be writing postcards to you all so keep an eye out in the post over the next few days. 

Day 4 Update
Today has been our last full day at Kilvrough; where did the time go?! We have had a fantastic day, mostly spent on the beach and in the sea at the idyllic Caswell Bay. All of the children were able to try bodyboarding and some even went for the challenge of trying to stand on a full-sized surfboard. Although the water was cold, everyone wore wetsuits and bathing caps, meaning that they could stay warm. Some children braved the sea for nearly three hours without a break such was their determination to ride every wave. We had some superb surfers and a special mention must go to Mrs Sheen who persevered and then rode every wave like a pro! After surfing, lots of the children held an impromptu sandcastle-building competition before we headed back to Kilvrough for our final meal here of pizza. During the evening we all packed and then the long-awaited shop items were handed out before bedtime. 
Tomorrow we will be going on a coastal exploration day before departing Kilvrough at about 3pm and returning to Chinnor.