Clubs and activities

Mill Lane School offers many extra curricular activities and these can vary each year depending on what activities prove popular with the children. They can take place both before and after school and during the school day. Below are some of the groups who regularly provide activities / lessons at the school. 

As of Autumn 2019, the clubs on offer are:

  • Little Choir (Years 1-3) on Fridays before school
  • Junior Choir (Years 4-6) on Thursdays before school
  • Badminton Club on Tuesdays before school
  • Multi-skills Club on Mondays and Wednesdays before school
  • KS1 Sports Club on Thursdays before school
  • Boys and Girls' Football Club (Years 4-6) on Tuesdays after school
  • Newspaper Club on Tuesdays after school
  • Design and Technology Club on Wednesdays after school
  • Netball Club on Thursdays after school
  • Chill-out Club (Years 5 and 6) on Fridays after school