Book Week 2022

Book Week 2022
Mill Lane children have been very busy the past couple of weeks. We kicked off the term with Book Week where the children took part in a sponsored read; created stories in boxes; had a real life poet in to inspire poetry writing across the school and a storyteller came in and told the most engaging stories. 
On World Book Day, the children (and staff) came dressed as their favourite book character and all looked amazing! The children took part in the Masked Reader and guessed who the member of staff was behind the mask and which book they were reading - this created a boom of laughter across the whole school! Can you guess who is behind the mask? Have a go below.
For the first time in two years, we were able to hold the Book Fair back in school. So many of you came out support this and it was so lovely to see so many children excited about books. Thank you to everyone who brought a book. We raised an amazing £631in free books for the school library! 
On top of this, the children raised a further £320 on their sponsored read. Again this money allows us to replenish the class libraries with books the children want, and enjoy reading! So altogether you have raised £951.
Thank you once again, we really appreciate how generous and supportive Mill Lane parents are! 
Winners to our sponsored read and Story in the Box competition are announced below along with a showcase of some of the fabulous poetry the children have written over the past couple of weeks! 
Enjoy! :) 
Story in a Box Competition 
Well done to everyone who entered the Story in a Box competition. It was lovely to see how creative you all are and the standard was very high! Your creations are all fantastic and it was very hard to choose a winner! 
See below for the winners! 
Competition Winners
Congratulations to:
Georgia Bradley- Reception- Zog and the Flying Doctor
Finley Steele- Year 2 - Supertato
Jacob Richardson - Year 4-  Harry Potter
- Year 6 - The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse by Sophie Sears
Sponsored Read 2022
A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who supported our book fair and Ready, Steady, Read sponsored read.
We have raised a phenomenal amount of money to spend on books for our school which is going to make a huge difference.
In one week, you all read for a total of 5526 minutes - that's the equivalent to 92 hours of reading. You managed to raise £320 altogether!
Congratulations to these children who read for the most amount of minutes for their Key Stage. 
EYFS: Mason Gaitai (260 minutes)
KS1: Betsy Hambridge (840 minutes)
LKS2:  Bethan Radbourne (365 minutes)
UPKS2: James Maxwell (854 minutes)
You have won a book of your choice up to the value of £10 from Usborne Books. Please visit the website link below and email your choice to Miss Moseley at
Thank you to Lisa at Usborne Books for her help with these events!
Poetry Workshop
We were very lucky to have Ash Dickinson join us for the day and inspire the children into writing some creative poetry! The children loved listening to Ash perform his poems and all couldn't wait to get started on writing their own! The classes worked really hard writing their poems and should all be incredibly proud of their hard work! Below is a showcase of some of their fabulous poetry! 
Reception and Nursery group poem-
My Pet Monster 
My Pet monster 
Has four eyes, dots on its body,
And a big, green nose.
It is as tall as a giraffe,
And as wide as space. 
It eats broccoli, buses, 
Blueberries, buildings and bugs.
It wears a rainbow dress, 
Green-spotted gloves
And a purple hoodie. 
It is as happy as cuddles and hugs.
Year 1 group poem: Sense Poetry using alliteration and rhyme)
My Pirate Ship 
A cannonball aimed at
The ship, my sword at the 
Ready for squid. 
The salty, seas, smoke
And the fire from the attack
Sea air, sand in our hair. 
Pointy, shiny hook
Shimmering Gold. 
Whistling wind and the
Squawking of my parrot. 
Year 2 group poem:  Sense poetry using alliteration and similes)
Pirate Ship
A cold, blue,
Wavy sea, another
Galleon approaching
Salty seawater,
Soft air turning rough.
In my other hand, A
Bottle of rum 
As big as a barrel. 
Gunpowder, Lit
And burning 
Whistling wind
And Parrots squawking. 
Year 3: - Sense poetry using alliteration and personification 
Mighty Sphinx guarding the huge, golden pyramids,
Mummies awake from their coffins and grey cats calling, 
Blue water drifting onto my hands
Yummy honey cake and yucky fish, 
Invisible air that I breathe up my nose, 
Relaxed and happy in the sunset.
by Maisie
In Egypt the sun is shining on the pyramids, 
lots of cows are mooing in the sun, 
Burning fire in the golden sand, 
Fizzing beer in my mouth,
Hot in the Blazing sun.
By Harry
Hieroglyphics drawn on a huge scroll, 
Egyptians building pyramids for the Pharaoh Tutunkuman, 
The stone pieces of my wooden game, 
Rancid smell of a mummy's tomb, 
Beer and fish from my last meal, 
Grateful for the food. 
By Bethan
Year 4- Poetry Focus- Haikus
Dog barks at postman, 
He is very old and scared, 
He runs off in Fright. 
Open your spell book, 
Look inside at the pages, 
Cast a wicked spell. 
by Layla-Mae and Leila 
I went to a battle field, 
And started to fight, 
After that, I flew my kite. 
By Jacob
Build a sandcastle, 
Put sand in a red bucket, 
Then stand bucket up. 
By Logan
Year 5 - Poetry Focus -Clerihews
That dude Robin Hood, 
Doing as he should, 
Has a band of merry men, 
Living in a den. 
By Billy
The Princess Cinderella, 
Lost her umbrella, 
She met a prince at the ball, 
It was held in a grand hall. 
By Mollie
A witch Hermione Granger, 
Gets into a lot of danger, 
She's friends with Ron Weasily, 
And she is not tricked  that easily. 
By Jessica 
Year 6 - Poetry focus - Clerihews
Pinocchio is a cheeky fella
He tells lots of lies, 
And isn't that wise. 
by Charlotte
The Tiger who came to tea, 
Ate every cake in the pantry, 
He drank all the water in the tank, 
And wondered off down the street to the bank.
Goddess of all things bright and nicest , 
Great shimmering arcs course through the sky, 
Greek worship and pray without asking why.
By Austin
Storytelling Workshop