Developing the Whole Child

Enriching the Curriculum

Developing the Whole Child
At Mill Lane, we recognise that all children are different and that every child learns in a different way. Every child has their own interests and develops a passion for different subjects. Because of this, we provide opportunities within our curriculum for children to enjoy hands on, practical experiences that make the curriculum come alive and provide those 'Wow' moments that will live long in their memories.
We also provide extra curricular activities to enhance the children's learning and to allow them the opportunity to pursue their own interests and their love of a particular subject. It also gives them the chance to try something new. Scroll through our gallery below to get a feel of the experiences provided throughout the year:
The Year 6 children took part in the I.M.P.S (Injury Minimisation Programme for Schools) which taught them invaluable skills on how to potentially save someone's life as well as their own. The children learned how to keep themselves safe as well as learning what to do during an emergency. They learned about the emergency room in a hospital, basic first aid and basic life support, such as placing someone in the recovery position, giving CPR and how to use an AED. At the end of the session, the children had fun putting a plaster cast on their fingers. 
Being a Rock Star
The children learnt about all the instruments that made up a rock band and had demonstrations of how they all sounded. The fun part was in the workshops when the children had the opportunity to perform a rock song as a group. It was amazing how, within a short space of time, the children were able to perform a short piece.
Year 3 & 4 Trip to Stone Age Settlement
Our Year 3 and 4 children went to experience what it was like to be in the stone age by visiting Butsers Farm. For the whole day they immersed themselves in a range of hands on activities such as wattling and becoming archaeologists. They saw how settlements were created and what everyday life would have been like.
 Year 5 and 6 Greek Day 

Our year 5 and 6 classes re-enacted life in Ancient Greece. The dressed up as Greek gods and goddesses and throughout the day took part in various activities related to the Greek Olympics. They participated in their own standing long jump competition, which was held within their groups (cities); made a clay discus; and deepened their knowledge and appreciation of Greek culture and history. 
Year 4 WW2 Workshop
The Year 4 children came dressed as evacuees for the day and then enjoyed a variety of activities linked to their WW2 topic. They tried on a gas mark, looked at ration books and acted out defense strategies with weapons.
Harvest Festival
The whole school came together to celebrate harvest. As a school, we sang songs and shared our harvest artwork, dances and poetry. We collected donations of tinned and dried foods which we put in our school food store to help our families who are sometimes struggling.
Year 4 WW2 Evening
The Class 4 children enjoyed a WW2 evening with their parents. There was singing, dancing and cooking with rations. Activities and games were set up for the children and families to try. When the siren went, children quickly made their way to the shelter!
Cricket Coaching
All the KS2 children had the opportunity to take part in a taster cricket session. During the session they learnt how to field, bat and bowl. We may have some budding cricketers on our hands!
Singing at the Village Centre
The choir opened the local Christmas Fayre at the Village Centre. The children entertained the crowd with a range of Christmas carols.