Together We Can Succeed

Working Together
The motto at Mill Lane Community Primary School is 'Growing, Thriving, Flying' and we achieve this in a variety of ways, not only with the work that we do in school with the children but also through the support we offer families. 
Working with the children
In each class for maths and literacy the teacher is supported by at least one teaching assistant and in a number of classes there are 2 teaching assistants.This enables the children to receive quality focused group support and enables the school to meet the needs of all abilities within the class. 
At some point children may need extra support in maths and literacy. The school runs a number of intervention programs to help children overcome any difficulties they may be having. We also support children with social and emotional problems e.g. anxiety, food phobias, anger management etc. Our staff are highly trained in the use of art and play therapy. Children may receive support individually or in a group. The school runs a cooking club to encourage 'reluctant eaters' and to boost the self esteem of less confident children.
Working with families
As a school, we like to keep our families updated on the progress that the children are making. We hold parent consultation meetings three times a year and we send out a pupil report twice a year; once at the end of the year as well as a mid year report. This report highlights what progress has been made and what the future targets are.
We are proud of the relationship we have with our families and the opportunities we provide for them to share in the life and work of the school. Families are invited to join in with the whole school celebration assemblies at the end of the term and they are invited to class assemblies to see the children's work. The school also holds information evenings and Key Stage coffee mornings. These are an opportunity to meet the teachers, find out about the routines of the day and to see how the children can be supported at home.
The school runs its own successful family support program which works with the parents alongside the children in focused workshops. With parents we explore a range of strategies to deal with problems faced by families such as sleeping difficulties, low self esteem, poor behaviour, anxiety, and phobias. In the children's workshop we look at ways to express our feelings and how to make appropriate choices.
Peer support
As a school we actively encourage the older children to support the younger children as well as providing opportunities for children to cooperate on activities. Our Year 5 children are 'playground buddies' for our Reception Class children and they join them at lunchtime to organise games and to encourage them to play together. 
Our older children will also visit the children in younger classes to share books with them. During themed weeks such as outdoor week the older children will be linked with younger children for shared activities.