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Year 4 Photo Album
Cookie Excavation!
We worked like archaeologists to carefully excavate the chocolate chips from our cookies. 
To mark remembrance Y4 created a poppy wreath to lay at the local memorial in Chinnor. 
WW2 Workshop 19.12.23
Y4 Tea Dance. 
As part of our WW2 'Dig for Victory' topic we came back to school when it was dark for a war evening experience. We shared the rationed food we had been making in school with our families, and explored rationing in more detail. We danced the lindy hop and sang some songs to boost morale! We experienced an air raid and played simple games from the time. 
Circuit Christmas Cards
As part of our science work on circuits, we created Christmas cards using a simple circuit to light the led.
Flotsam Inference Trays!
To start our 'Blue Planet' topic we explored some flotsam that had washed up in our classroom, discussing who the items in the trays could belong to and why. 
Clay Fish Project
As part of our 'Blue Planet' topic we designed our own clay fish thinking about colour, pattern and texture. We used the scratch and slip method to join 2 thumb pots together and then added fins and a coil for the mouth. We used acrylic paint and varnished them using PVA glue and water. We are really proud of the results!
Y4 Sea Creatures DT Sewing Project
As part of our 'Blue Planet' topic we designed and made our own sea creature soft toys. 
We had to incorporate 3 stitches into our designs:
Running Stitch
Back Stitch 
Blanket Stitch
This took lots of time and patience, but we are really proud of the results. 
Year 4 had an exciting start to their 'Tomb Raiders ' Topic with a visit from Mr Egypt, who is a real Egyptologist. The morning consisted of learning about life during the Ancient Egyptian times and the children even had a go at dancing!  During the day, the children wrote their names in hieroglyphics and had a go at Egyptian Maths. The children learnt about mummification and even had a go at wrapping a mummy, which was great fun! At the end of the day, Mr Egypt retold a fantastic story about a boy and his passion for the Egyptians, whose dream came true!
Science - Teeth 
As part of a science unit 'Animals including humans' we investigated different drinks and which we thought would cause tooth decay. We used hard boiled eggs to represent the enamel on our teeth and put them into different drinks and made observations each day over the course of a couple of weeks. We predicted that fizzy drinks would be the worst, but we were wrong as orange juice stuck to the egg shell and destroyed it whereas the coke discoloured the egg shell. 
Science - Digestion
As part of our science unit on Animals including humans we explored the digestive system, First we created life-sized models of the different parts of our digestive system, then we recreated the digestive system using:
A foil tray to represent the body, a food bag to represent the stomach, tights to represent the intestines and a cup to represent the rectum. We used crackers and orange juice as the food and added water for a bit of saliva. The results were pretty disgusting!
DT (mechanisms) Shaduf making 
In DT we explored how the Ancient Egyptians got water from the River Nile. we created our own mini models in class and tested them, before building life-sized models in teams to test in our school pond. We had lots of fun!
As part of our 'Tomb Raiders' topic we have explored the process of mummification. We recreated part of the process using apples and tomatoes. We covered apples and Tomatoes in Natron (salt and bicarbonate of soda) and left them for a week, as well as leaving some apples and tomatoes uncovered as a control that we could compare them to. 
Year 4 Stars Gallery
14.6.24 - Molly for a great model shaduf.
14.6.24 - Oliver B and Harry for great team work and design skills when making a life-sized shaduf.
News from Year 4
Don't forget swimming starts for Class 4 on Tuesday 18th June and will continue until the end of term. 
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