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Year 6 Photo Album
Week commencing 27th November: The children have had a fun week making their Greek Vases out of clay and have produced some fantastic replicas. We can't wait to see the final results next week when they have been painted. See our photo album for pictures of the pots.
Week commencing 20th November: This week, the children had great fun on their Greek day. They all looked fantastic in their Greek outfits, even Macy's dog decided to dress up for the occasion (see photos below).
They learned all about the Olympic games, made discus out of clay and even took part in their own mini Olympics. Well done to Austen, Holly, George and Riley who all won the competition of the long jump. 
This is what we learned from the day:
Written by Charlie Deeks and Megan Avery. 
On Tuesday we learned about the ancient Greek Olympic games. We learnt about all the events that went on during the week. On day one, they sacrificed a wile animal to Zeus. On the second day, they took part in a chariot horse race. On the third day, they did a pentathlon, which consists of running, long jump, javelin, discus, boxing and wrestling. On day four, they did wrestling, boxing and running in full armour. On the last day, they celebrated the winners by giving them an olive wreath and a massive celebratory feast. 
They would repeat this every four years, just like we do today!
The children have been learning about retrofuturism and exploring artist techniques using a range media to achieve different effects. Throughout the weeks, they have  used printing and drawing techniques to create their own artwork inspired by the artist Teis Albers. Here are their final pieces. 
News from Year 6
Homework club Monday 20th November 3.15pm - 4pm. 
Forest School Group 2 Thursday 23rd November. 
Year 6 Stars Gallery
Well done to Katie who has achieved incredible results in learning her 6 x tables! Well done! 

Year 6 have worked on collaborative art project where they have created a festive, winter scene for our school hall. I think you will agree, the end results is absolutely stunning and the children should be really proud of themselves. 
8th November: Today, the children have been reflecting on the importance of remembering the soldiers that died in the war and have written some very deep and meaningful poems that they would love to share with you.
Matthew and his amazing rocket launch!
This week's homework 

Homework – due 7th December

Maths: Log onto IXL and complete the homework task on your dashboard. You can also practise your recommended skills. This is revision of all the learning we have been doing in class the last two terms ready for your assessments next week. 


English: Crazy Creature competition. Design and describe a crazy creature (short story). You have until the 15th December to complete this task but you may wish to write some draft ideas in your homework book and I will give you feedback on where you can improve. Use information and help sheets below to help you with your ideas.


KIRFS: Practise your times tables. Log onto and practise your target times table. 


Reading: Reading Plus lessons. Complete five reading lessons and at least one vocabulary lesson each week. Some of these can be during class time. 

Useful Information
Year 6 will be having a PE session on a Monday and a Wednesday afternoon each week (there will be no PE during the first week back). Where possible, PE will be outdoors so please ensure your child has suitable clothing for outdoor PE. Just a reminder about PE clothing. T-shirts/tops should be red or white and shorts or tracksuit bottoms should be black.  No football kits please. 
Homework in Year 6 will be set on a Friday and due on a Thursday. If there are any issues with your child completing their homework on time, please email me before the due date. 
In Year 6, it is still important for children to read every day, they must consolidate and extend their basic skills, become fluent, confident readers, build a vocabulary of words and concepts, and most importantly be able to comprehend increasingly sophisticated texts. It is a transition from ‘learning to read’ to ‘reading to learn’. Year 6 will be using the Reading Plus program which develops the skills they need to become proficient readers. This program is specifically designed to prepare the children for the end of KS2 reading assessment. 
Please encourage your child to read regularly at home, they will be given the opportunity to choose books from our library to read at home and in school. They are able to earn their Reading Awards and unlike in earlier year groups, they are able to fill out their reading diary themselves, but we do ask that parents sign this once a week to keep that school/home communication. We have introduced a new reading scheme into school to which the children will have a specific book allocated to them that matches their reading ability.
Children will be set weekly maths and English homework which will be linked to the area we have worked on in class during that week.
In addition to this, a Topic menu of activities linked to our  topic will be set. Children may choose which activities they would like to complete from this menu and are expected to complete at least four activities before the end of our topic (by the end of this half term). This Topic homework will not be due weekly, so children are able to spend longer on the projects they have selected. Topic homework may be handed in or shown to the class at any time during the Autumn Term.
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