Class 6 2023-24

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Welcome to the Spring Term 
Week commencing 26th February: This week, the children have created our chocolate packaging by using recycled materials. They have been able to tap into their creativity and hone their problem-solving skills. They have learned how to design and construct 3D structures using materials that would have otherwise been discarded. Please see our photo album for their amazing designs!
Arts and Culture Week: We have had a very exciting start to the new term with our theme of Mexico. The children have had fun, researching the an area of interest and creating some fantastic art on the Day of the Dead festival. At the end of the week, they made a scrumptious vegetable chili (recipe below) and shared this with the Year 5's who brought along their tasty vegetable curry. 
In maths, we have started our topic on algebra and the children have been learning how to form algebraic equations using the Mayan alphabet!
See our photo album for photos of the week. 
Week commencing 5th February: This week, the children have been researching into different careers and thinking about what they might like to do when they leave school. On Thursday, they attended a careers fair where they were able to explore careers such as: neurologists, underground train driver, accountant, nurse, and a railway engineer. On Friday, the Year 5 and 6's hosted their own career's fair where they promoted their favourite career to the rest of the school. Careers ranged from, vets, chefs, robotic engineers,  electricians, helicopter piolet, lawyer and the  military. The children worked so hard and came up with some fantastic activities to engage children from lower year groups. The classes voted on the career that stood out the most and one that they found most exciting. Well done to Bradley, Austin, Austen and Jack who have convinced 48 children to join the military with their challenging assault course and medical centre! Please see our album below for pictures of the event. 
Week commencing 22nd January: In maths this week, the children have been learning the concept of ratio using skittles. They enjoyed the reward of eating them at the end of the lesson. In writing, the children have been extending their persuasive skills and during a shared writing activity have written an excellent persuasive letter to Miss Van-de-Ploeg about the Year 5 and 6  toilets. I wonder what her reply will be? 
Week commencing 15th Jan: This week, the children have invented their own chocolate bar and have been learning how to use adverts to persuade. See a few of our excellent examples in our photo album.  
9th January 2024: Today, the children took part in the I.M.P.S (Injury Minimisation Programme for Schools) which taught them invaluable skills on how to potentially save someone's life as well as their own. The children learned how to keep themselves safe as well as learning what to do during an emergency. They learned about the emergency room in a hospital, basic first aid and basic life support, such as placing someone in the recovery position, giving CPR and how to use an AED. At the end of the session, the children had fun putting a plaster cast on their fingers. 
Year 6 Photo Album
Year 6 Stars Gallery
Lacey wrote an excellent diary entry, demonstrating an profound understanding about the Maya civilisation beliefs whilst entertaining her reader throughout. Well done Lacey!
 Well done to Katie who has achieved incredible results in learning her 6 x tables! Well done! 
 Year 6 have worked on collaborative art project where they have created a festive, winter scene for our school hall. I think you will agree, the end results is absolutely stunning and the children should be really proud of themselves. 
News from Year 6
Please find below the slides from the SATs information evening. 
SATs revision classes will begin on the first Monday back  after Easter up until 13th May. 
Year 5 and 6 Careers Fair
Arts and Culture Week 
This week's homework 


Maths: Please log onto IXL and complete questions in your recommendations (from your teacher section). These skills are revision of the topics we have covered so far. You are expected to complete 3 x 10-15 minute sessions per week. 

Reading: Reading Plus lessons. Complete five reading lessons and at least one vocabulary lesson each week.

Optional Homework: You have all shown you are fantastic persuasive writers, so Miss Van der Ploeg and Mr. Thompson would like to put your skills to the test.

This year the school will be 50 years old and we are going to need a birthday cake. Wouldn't it be great if we could persuade Mary Berry to make our school's 50th birthday cake? In addition, we would need someone to open our event. Tony Hadley is a local celebrity so why not try and persuade him to come to our school and cut the ribbon to begin our celebrations. 

Your task is to write a letter to either one of or both of these local celebrities using all the skills you have learned this term. Bring your finished letters back into school and Miss Van der Ploeg and Mr. Thompson will pick their favourite to be sent off. Please use the school's address as the sender. You will have time back at school to refine your letter if needed. 


Remember - A.F.O.R.E.S.T.

Useful Information
Year 6 will be having a PE session on a Monday and a Wednesday afternoon each week (there will be no PE during the first week back). Where possible, PE will be outdoors so please ensure your child has suitable clothing for outdoor PE. Just a reminder about PE clothing. T-shirts/tops should be red or white and shorts or tracksuit bottoms should be black.  No football kits please.  
Homework in Year 6 will be set on a Friday and due on a Thursday. If there are any issues with your child completing their homework on time, please email me before the due date. 
In Year 6, it is still important for children to read every day, they must consolidate and extend their basic skills, become fluent, confident readers, build a vocabulary of words and concepts, and most importantly be able to comprehend increasingly sophisticated texts. It is a transition from ‘learning to read’ to ‘reading to learn’. Year 6 will be using the Reading Plus program which develops the skills they need to become proficient readers. This program is specifically designed to prepare the children for the end of KS2 reading assessment. 
Please encourage your child to read regularly at home, they will be given the opportunity to choose books from our library to read at home and in school. They are able to earn their Reading Awards and unlike in earlier year groups, they are able to fill out their reading diary themselves, but we do ask that parents sign this once a week to keep that school/home communication. We have introduced a new reading scheme into school to which the children will have a specific book allocated to them that matches their reading ability.
Children will be set weekly maths or English homework which will be linked to the area we have worked on in class during that week.
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