Year 4 Campout 2023

Year 4 Campout 2023
Wednesday 7th June
We have had an amazing first day filled with activities and laughter. 
Thank you to all the parents that helped us to set up camp this morning. It really does look fabulous and we will take great care of all your tents!
We started the day with Forest School activities, in which we had a fire, built dens, whittled, climbed trees made a water run and chopped wood in preparation for cooking our own dinner!
We had lots of fun on the field, including a water relay, cross my river and fun with balloons. 
We cooked our hotdogs for dinner on the fire in forest school and cheated a little with a few oven chips to go with it!
After a tent inspection (in which the children genuinely impressed Mrs Kershaw with their tidy organised tents) we got into our PJs and settled down to watch a movie with some popcorn. 
We then went back to Forest School and made smores and drank hot chocolate round the fire, before settling down for the night. 
Good night mums and dads we are having a great time and can't wait for tomorrow!
Year 4 xx
Thursday 8th June 
After an incredibly early start we enjoyed breakfast on the field before setting off on a long walk into Bledlow. We visited Lyde Gardens and were treated to some chips while we ate our packed lunches. 
On our return we cooled off with an fun game of Water Quest in which Mrs Kershaw, Mr Thompson and Miss Grover all got soaked! 
Pizza arrived and we sat in the sunshine to eat before heading down to Forest School for some den building and camouflage games in which the children tried to find camouflaged creatures hidden in Forest School before being challenged to 'camouflage' one of their team mates for Mrs Kershaw to find...... I was genuinely impressed with their work and some were such experts Mrs Kershaw couldn't find them! Well done to Harrison, Charlie and Maisie for hiding so well You really are 'Camouflage Pros!' 
We stayed in Forest School for smores and sat round the campfire for a story before heading to bed. We are all exhausted but really happy with our achievements so far and I'm sure we will all sleep well tonight!
Friday 9th June
Unsurprisingly, after our long walk and activities yesterday we all settled really quickly last night and had a much better nights sleep, waking up at a much more reasonable time! We began our final morning with breakfast before packing and clearing our tents. 
We then completed an orienteering nature quiz and enjoyed some cake before our parents arrived. Thank you to all those who were able to stay to help pack up camp and dismantle tents. 
Your children were a credit to you and should be very proud of their achievements over the last few days. They gave everything 110% and had lots of fun. Many of them will not have camped before or been away from home for so long but their resilience and support of one another was so lovely to see. 
Your homework for this week is.... to rest, relax have lots of treats and cuddles with your family!