Mill Lane Curriculum Documents

The Curriculum at Mill Lane School
Welcome to our curriculum page. Here you will be able to take a closer look at the design of our curriculum, see our long term plans and explore the progression through all subjects.
Over the past two years, we have reshaped and refined our curriculum to ensure that it remains fresh, exciting and apace with developments in the National Curriculum Programmes of Study. We aim to provide an outstanding education through positive experiences in which all children grow in knowledge, skill and confidence. We care deeply about each child as an individual and their journey through the school is planned to be purposeful, challenging and fun by providing educational excellence in teaching and learning.

A stimulating, interactive and creative curriculum is intended to develop a love of learning, the relevant knowledge and skills for later life and to nurture curiosity, reflection and self-belief. We believe strongly in delivering the curriculum through a thematic approach, providing the children with lasting first-hand experiences and opportunities to work innovatively and collaboratively.  

Long Term Overview
The Two-Yearly Curriculum Cycle at a glance
Curriculum Statements
An overview of each subject
Curriculum Progression Documents
How strands of learning develop through each year group
Want to know more?
Visit the class pages for more information on the individual topics and learning sequences in each year group.