Reception Class

Our Reception Class is situated in a newly built part of the school linking the Windmill Community Nursery and the Reception Class. Both classes have their own separate spaces but a sliding door makes it possible to open up the area for shared early years activities.

There is a fabulous outdoor space including a sandpit, creative station, playhouse, mud kitchen, castle and garden. There are 3 adults working with the children on focused group work and encouraging children in their free play. The Reception Class has a large carpet space for whole class activities and a spacious room where a range of activities can be set out to develop the children's skills in all the 7 areas of learning. Children are encouraged to experiment and play in all areas of the room, both inside and outside. During the morning there are focused groups working with the children to develop their literacy and numeracy skills; this enables us to meet the needs of each child.
At lunch time the children initially have lunch in a separate hall from the rest of the school in order to help them settle in to the lunch time routine. Once they have become more confident, normally after Christmas, the Reception children can choose to sit in the main hall with all the other children. The Reception children have their own playground area and at lunch time two of our Year 5 children join the Reception children and help to organise games. This really helps with the Reception children's transition in to Year 1 as they have 'buddies' they can go to when they are on the main playground.
Every Friday the Reception children have P.E in the hall with the class teacher to help with their physical development and coordination. The children practice a range of skills through games and activities including dance, gymnastics, athletics and multi-sports.