Year 6 Kilvrough Residential Trip


29th October 2018


Our journey was very long- it was about 4 hours. We stopped at the services at Leigh Delamere. We got to Kilvrough Manor and we had a talk about how to stay safe and about drinking and eating a lot, also having lots of sleep because every day your energy goes down. Next we had lunch- it was tomato soup and bread. After we unpacked and set up our room. Outside we did teamwork games, it was so fun. Once we finished our teamwork game we had free time. You could be outside or in your dorm. After we had a nice break then we had dinner; it was chicken tikka with rice, salad and a chocolate angel delight with sprinkles on top. Then we had an evening activity which was orienteering in the dark with torches. We had to find these pins that put a pattern in to your answer card.  First you would have to do the blue course then once you completed that course you could go on the red course (which was harder.) Then we wrote letters for home and we opened the letter from our mums and dads. After, we stayed up for a bit till it was lights out.


On Tuesday we got up, brushed our teeth and got ready for the day. Then we went down for breakfast and we could have cereal, toast or a bacon roll. For our drinks we had tea or water. When we finished we had to clean our rooms for room inspections by Mrs. Hiley and Miss Roach. Once they had done every single dorm we went to the lounge and we talked about the day.  Groups A and B went rock climbing and abseiling at the sea cliffs while group C went canoeing at the canal. The weather is cold but the sun is out with lots of blue skies and no rain. We are enjoying it here so far; it is lots of fun.

By Tyler Sharpe


In our group there is; Luca, Aoife, Eleanor, Danielle, Libby, Lilly, Owain, Sean, Tyler and Freya.F (Who is writing).On Tuesday, we went Rock-climbing and abseiling on a really rocky beach. Before that, we went exploring around to get use to the beach. Sam (the tutor of group A,) let us go down into thin gaps in-between rocks that every-one called “caves.” I really enjoyed going up the steep, rough walls of rock but I was anxious of coming down! Every-one was nervous at one point or another. Miss Roach did the climb too. Only once (!!!), Eleanor did the belaying for her. When Miss Roach had touched the top of the cliff, Eleanor dropped the rope she was supporting Miss Roach with and she dropped a meter down the cliff. Everyone had a great day though and we are looking forward to tomorrow.

Freya Fanchi

Group B going rock climbing and abseiling - Tuesday

(Sophie .C, Fynn, Emily, Summer, Millie, Ren, Morgan, Marley, Jessie, Ted.)

First we had our group meeting in the classroom and found out what we were doing then we had to get on suitable clothing. Next we packed our bags, collected our lunches and  got some water. Once we finished all of that, we put on some walking boots then hopped in the minivan and travelled to the beach (Southgate). Once we got there, we did a bit of scrambling around the rocks. Then we headed to our spot for abseiling and rock climbing. We helped each other put on our harnesses to start but we all needed a snack so we sat down and had a snack. Once we finished our snack, our instructor had finished setting up  the ropes to start abseiling down the cliff, then me and Millie took hold of the ropes and did what the instructor told us to do; then the first person, Ted, was attached to the ropes and then he started to go down the cliff. Shortly after Ren went down, more people followed. Once everyone reached the bottom we had our lunch. Then we started our rock climbing once we reached the top we had to trust our team mates and abseiled back down the rock. Then we just took it in turns to go up the cliff and back down and belay and help the belayer with the rope. After free time back at the manor, we all had spaghetti bolognaise with strawberry cheese cake. When we all finished dinner we got ready for are evening activity which was a night walk up to a ruined castle. We got up to the castle and turned all of the torches off and looked at the view. Soon we all got cold so we started to head back to the manor. Then we got ready for bed because everyone was so tired, once we finished getting ready we had 10 minutes then it was lights out.

Kilvrough has been so much fun I wonder what else we are going to do this week.

Written by

Sophie Cameron.

Kilvrough group c: Tuesday

In group c there a range of different people like Sophie T (who is writing) Sophie P, Freya M, Nykyta, Max, Sam, Tilldy, Sofia, Chloe, Eddie, Nancy. When we first arrived we did not have a clue who was in our activity group - our leader is Alex. On Monday we had a ground day when we stayed on the ground and did team building. We had three team leaders who were Sophie P, Freya M and Nykyta. One of the activities was boosting on to a tree and getting down safely with team work. The next activity was to get a golf ball to a number in a hanging wooden maze but some had a hole after the number. It was really tricky because we were not allowed to talk on two goes. For canoeing we had to load them the night before. We had a group meeting about what to wear and what we wanted to order for our breakfast. After that we had to make our lunch up that consisted of a sandwich, a piece of fruit (Apple, Banana, orange and pear), a bag of crisps and a sweet treat. We set off on our canoe. First we had lunch next we went off and learnt how to canoe. During one section, Sophie P fell in to the canal. The water was very cold! We had spaghetti bolognaise with garlic bread it was very delicious. For pudding we had cheese cake with strawberry jam. We went on a walk to a castle that was very good. Then we got ready for bed -that was the end of a new adventure; let’s see what tomorrow brings. By Sophie T.