July 2019


5th July 2019

Wow! June was an incredibly busy month with lots of exciting opportunities on offer for all the children.


At the start of the month some of our KS2 children took part in St. Andrews Swimming gala and the Year 5 & 6 children had a ‘Survival Day’ at Hill End. The Year 5 & 6 football team took part in a football match with John Hampden and achieved their highest win ever 17 – 1! However, the highlight for all the children must have been participating in the Skateboarding Workshops. The children put on the equipment and tested their balance and coordination. It was a great opportunity for the children to try something completely different and it required a lot of cooperation between pairs in order to help each other.


The children also had a fun dance workshop where they retold the story of ‘Where the Wild Things Go’ through movement and music. The younger children enjoyed creating poses and making scary faces, whilst the older children enjoyed linking the different parts of the story.


This month we also held the Thame Partnership Sports event involving other schools from Chinnor and Thame. As usual it was a hotly fought contest but this year it was St. Andrews School who were victorious – congratulations to all who took part. I think the actual winner was all the children who participated and showed such great sportsmanship by encouraging each other on. Our Year 3 & 4 children did manage to win their trigolf tournament; this was an activity we had never tried before but it is something the children certainly enjoyed. In addition the Year 3 children participated in the Thame Festival of Dance with an Amazon themed dance totally choreographed by the children.


Away from all the sporting activity, I would like to say a big well done to all the children who took part in the Dorchester Abbey concert. It was a fabulous event, made even more special by the fact that both Chinnor schools were performing on the same night. We did Chinnor proud by singing beautifully.


After all this activity, we are certainly looking forward to the summer holiday. Hopefully, we can all look forward to some lovely sunshine.