January 2019


January 2019

4th January 2019

Mill Lane Community Primary School News

Children at Mill Lane School became engineers this month by experiencing a range of different, exciting activities. An engineer from RAF Benson visited all the classes to tell the children about his job and to answer all their questions. After the visit, the children used this inspirational talk to help them design and create their own invention for a national competition. The children had to draw their design and then write a persuasive letter to the competition judges as to why their invention should be made by them. We will await to see how successful they are in convincing the judges.

The children also had a session on using virtual reality headsets to explore different environments for example, children could go on an underwater adventure without getting wet! Our older children also worked with children from our younger classes to try and create the tallest tower out of newspaper. It was great to see our older children supporting and encouraging the younger children.


Now for something completely different! Our Year 5 & 6 children went back in time and became Anglo Saxons for the day. They learnt about weapons and about preparing for war. They also played an Anglo Saxon’s version of chess, but their favourite activity was the wrestling. There was a range of artefacts for them to touch and explore before deciding what they thought they were used for. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the day and the information texts they wrote afterwards were amazing. We can’t wait to see what happens during the ‘Superhero’ workshops for the Nursery, Reception and Year 1 & 2 classes.


The Windmill Community Nursery News 

 This month, the Nursery children have been making the most of the wintry weather. We have a lovely outdoor area which we use every day regardless of the weather. This month has seen the Nursery children singing around the camp fire with Judy Thompson and enjoying a nice, warm cup of hot chocolate or squash. We also created make shift sledges out of trays and we used these to go sledging down the little hill we have in the outside area. We loved sliding down the snow and we went faster if our friends gave us a little push when we were at the top.