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A Mystery Encounter!
November 2020
By Merryn 
Recently, Class 4 discovered a mysterious den made out of sticks at the bottom of the field. On the 12th November, the class went down the field and saw the den. There was come colourful, furry stuff in the den. There was a broken fence too. On the 13th November there were some mushrooms in the den and a fire pit. Over the weekend the teachers set up a camera in a tree branch and on Monday 16th November the children were shown the footage. There were legs walking into the den on the camera. The next day, some of the kids went down there and saw that the suspect had written to them on some slate. 
Here are some photos of the den we discovered at the bottom of the school field...
Here is what we discovered in the den on Monday: a message written on a slate and part of a cartoon about someone called 'Ug.' Whatever will happen next...
Letter Writing
We have been keen to write letters to the mystery resident of the den on the school field. Here are some of the letters we have written:
Dear Ug,
We loved your story but we are sorry that your dad makes you wear stone trousers. Our names are Zoe and Reg. If you need help, come to the back playground at 1 o'clock (1:00pm.)
Questions - please answer:
Do you want to try chocolate cake?
Do you want to learn at school?
Do you want to try strawberries?
Please reply. We are friendly and harmless. We are very kind people who want to help!
Love from
Zoe and Reggie
p.s. We want to be your friends! 
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