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Mystery Den Update…

Week commencing 16th November 2020

This week we set up a security camera to keep an eye on the den. When we came to look at it on Monday, we found that it had been blown over in the wind and broke. Luckily, we managed to salvage some footage of a bare-footed person wearing animal fur for clothes, before it all went dark! The next day, we went to check on the encampment and found a poorly handwritten letter on slate and a story from someone called UG. It turns out UG would like some help choosing better material for his clothes as he only has stone trousers which are very uncomfortable and cold.

This week we have been practising our letter writing skills and have written back to UG with our suggestions.

I wonder what will happen next week.


We have been learning how to care for our teeth. We are able to name and describe the functions of our teeth. We made models of our mouths using marshmallows to represent the teeth. Do you know how many teeth children have?

This week we have been learning column addition and subtraction. We took our learning outdoors and used items from nature to represent the different digits. 
'Mystery Den Found in School Field'
Friday 13th November 
Article written by Lacey Webb. 
Yesterday, Year 3 found a shocking discovery...A Stone Age den!!! They still don't know who or what lives there but they have already gathered lots of clues. Tonight Miss Moseley will set up a security camera so we can find out more about this amazing discovery. Year 4 have also taken a peek. Now here is the story of how they found this ancient den. 
Miss Moseley and her class took a trip down to the field on Thursday. They were super excited to find a den which reminded them of a house from the Bronze Age. They decided to investigate the area.Since they have been searching they have gathered more and more clues. Hopefully soon they will be able to put it together and solve this incredible mystery. 
Remembrance Day 
Wednesday 11th November 
Today the children have been learning about the significance of poppies on Remembrance. We have some amazing writing, ranging from; information leaflets, poems and setting descriptions. Whilst half of the class were having fun in Forest School, the other half made poppies using the bottoms of plastic bottles. They have produced the most beautiful wreath which now is centre of our Remembrance display. 
Author Workshop
Monday 9th November
Today the children took part in an exciting workshop with the author, Charlotte Guillain, of the Street Beneath my Feet. They were able to ask Charlotte lots of questions and learn what it is like to be an author. Charlotte was very impressed with the art work the children produced prior to the workshop of their own underground settings and set them the task to write a description of their favourite page from the book. I have to say, I am so impressed with their writing, it was full of great figurative language that we have been learning in class recently. 
Click here to to hear Charlotte read The Street Beneath My Feet again.
19th March -26th March 2021

This week, we have been practising multiplication and division facts. You have some activities on Education City that I would like you to complete. These are due by Friday 26th March.


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Times Tables 

Keep practising your times tables by playing 'Hit the Button' or by playing the games on Purple Mash and Education City.
New spelling words have been added to your SpellingFrame account. This week's rule is words ending in 'ary'. You have until the end of term to learn these.