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Thursday 22nd October 2020
Alien Invasion
On Monday we found some very unusual clues in Forest School. There were lots of alien objects such as slime, alien eggs, a spaceship and pieces of the spaceship scattered across Forest School. We think the aliens have gone missing as we couldn't find any trace of them! We called the police and they told us to write an evidence list and asked us to film some news reports. We have put up missing alien posters around the school, but there is no sign of the aliens yet. If you see or hear anything please let a member of Class 2 know as soon as possible!
Tuesday 6th October 2020
Class Harvest Festival
Today in Class 2, we ventured into Gruff Land to collect fallen leaves in order to create hedgehog and squirrel collages. We then created vegetable collages using different textured paper. The children really enjoyed creating the collages and experimenting with different materials and colours. We also talked about how our food is grown, harvested and distributed. Together, we created our own Harvest display with all of the generous donations and amazing art work produced. 
Monday 28th September 2020
Anya Acres - Author Visit
Today the children were surprised with a virtual visit from Anya Acres the author of 'Ollie Discovers the Planets'. The children enjoyed hearing the story read to them by Anya and we also got some top tips on how to become brilliant authors. Luckily, last week we had been learning all about question sentences and so we were able to come up with lots of questions for Anya, which she kindly answered. 
Our spellings this week are contractions. We have talked about how contractions are when two words are squeezed together to make them shorter and how the apostrophe replaces the missing letters. The spellings have also been set on Spelling Frame for the children to play the interactive games.
  1. don't
  2. can't
  3. didn't
  4. hasn't
  5. he's
  6. couldn't
Homework for this week is counting in 10s from any number. I have set the children 3 activities on Education City. A learn screen, an interactive activity and a written activity as a challenge. Due to restrictions, if your child completes the written activity, please could you email me a picture of it rather than bring it to school.
If you are having any problems accessing Education City please let me know.