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Friday 18th December 2020
Dear all,

We would like to say thank you very much for all the lovely cards and gifts you have given us! We have really enjoyed celebrating Christmas in Class 1 and we hope that you have a wonderful Christmas too.

Enjoy the break and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!

Lots of love,

Mrs Palmer, Mrs Worley and Mrs Swanborough

Wednesday 2nd December 2020
Christmas Celebrations
We have had so much fun this week celebrating the start of December! Decorating the classroom, see the photos below. The children were so busy!
Your children may have told you about our Christmas play. We will be creating a Nativity that the children will perform together. Although we cannot invite you to watch at school, we are working on an alternative plan! Watch this space.
P.S. They do not need any special costumes or clothes :-)
We have been learning about the Continents and Oceans. Today we talked about where we live (Chinnor and Thame),  then how big our planet is.
Using Google Earth, we searched the globe for different places we know. Many children wanted me to let you know the website we used, so that you may share at home too!
Christmas Holidays
The children have worked very hard this term and are very excited about Christmas.
They do not have any homework over the next two weeks, but if you would like to keep practising some skills there are some helpful games you can play!
Phonics Play has some great free games. Choose either Phase 3 or Phase 4 sounds to practise.
Keep reading on BugClub and try the questions on the new book mark the children  brought home today.
We have been learning addition within 10 and number bonds that equal 10.
The "Top Marks" website has great games to try.
Hit the Button is a fun game ( and there are many more to try.
Practise your subtraction skills (taking away) using the game Rabbit Takeaway.
Have a lovely Christmas and see you in the New Year!
Donations please!
As you know, the children in Year 1 love creating models using old boxes.
If you have any clean boxes, pots or tubes, we would love to have in our Junk Modelling Box.
We will put in "quarantine" for 72 hours before using.
Many thanks in advance.
Previous Posts
Monday 23rd November 2020
This week is Art Week in Year 1!
This morning we added extra layers to our paper mache planets; we can't wait to paint them and add the continents!
After lunch we investigated what happens when we mix primary colours together. Using the new colours and a printing technique we recreated "Several Circles" by Wassily Kandinsky.
Alien Crash Landing!
Last term we found an alien spaceship on our field! The children set about searching for clues. We were amazed at all the things we found. They wanted to share their findings with you.
Together the children planned and wrote scripts to film a News Report. Watch this space....videos will be uploaded shortly!
Monday 16th November 2020
We have had a great start to the week! The children are keen to get back to the ICT suite on Friday to try out some new computer skills!
This Wednesday the children will have their school photos taken, so please come in school uniform. They will not need their PE this Wednesday.
If you have any trouble accessing the home learning websites please email me. I can resend login details or reset passwords. Please see below for new homework.
November 2020
Welcome to Term 2! The children have settled into the class routine again very well!
Please keep an eye out for the termly newsletter, which will be sent out shortly. 
September 2020
Welcome to Year 1! The children have really enjoyed being back in school with all their friends. We have been having lots of fun together exploring and playing. The children have settled really well into their new classroom and routine. They enjoy the activities available in the classroom and any extra challenges we put in place.
Tuesday 6th October 2020
Today we learnt about the Harvest Festival; talking about how we grow, harvest and store food.
On Monday, the children designed their own bread rolls using water colour paints. Today we made the bread rolls trying to follow our own designs, the results were amazing!
Some of the children also helped to create our own class Wheatsheaf for our Harvest display.
Thank you for all your wonderful donations which have been taken to the food bank.