Class 4 Home Learning- Week beginning 22nd February

Dear Class 4,
I hope that you have all had a really good half term! Normally, at this time of the year we would be saying "Welcome back" to school, but this year is a little bit different. You have now been learning at home for a staggering six weeks and I am so proud and impressed with your achievements. It is not easy and the news from across the UK is the same for all pupils in your situation. However, you have shown great resilience and a massive sense of determination to keep on going. Well done! Hopefully, we are now in the final stages of home learning and returning to school is within reach. Think of it as the final bit of a race; even though we are tired and might want to stop, we keep on going with a final push at the end. 
I am looking forward to seeing you all when our group calls resume at the normal times on Tuesday and Friday. It has been great to have this regular contact but do remember to bring along questions to discuss on Tuesday and work you have done on Friday so that we have lots to talk about. It has been lovely to involve the whole class on our Friday chats and those of you at home are now very skilled in using the mute/unmute feature on Teams! 
This week, some of our learning is brand new and other aspects follow on from our work from before half term. Here's a brief rundown of the activities:
We will be returning to our work on retelling 'The Happy Prince' using the 'Oak Academy' resources. 
This week we venture into a new topic area, fractions. This sometimes rings alarm bells in people's minds but we are going to go right back to basics first. It's really important to follow the 'White Rose' videos carefully so that you don't miss out on anything. 
Following on from our work on magnets, we are going to be finding out all about compasses and how they work. 
We have been delving into Islam over the last few weeks and, this week, will be finding out about festivals that are celebrated during the year by Muslims. 
This week, you are going to become true historians and do some research of your own. You are going to choose an area of Tudor history and research it. You can then present this in your own way. There's also a great online game to play! 
For this week's activity, you will be continuing your work on internet searches and search engines, using the 'Oak Academy' videos to guide you through. 
Don't forget to check out all of the learning menus and resources below for a fuller picture of the week's work. As always, I am only an email away if there is something that you don't understand. Alternatively, bring any questions to our Tuesday virtual meetings. Don't forget to regularly log in to our online platforms (Purple Mash, Spelling Frame, Dyslexia Gold, Bug Club) as there is plenty to do on each one. 
Have a good first week back. I look forward to being in touch and receiving more fantastic work. 
Good luck!
Best wishes,
Mr Thompson 
You will find video links for each lesson which will help you complete each activity. Not all the activities for the maths require a worksheet, some you will complete whilst watching the video
Follow the links to the teaching videos. Make sure you have a pencil and some paper to complete your tasks. Upload finished tasks to your work folder in Purple Mash.
Afternoon Resources
February Reading Challenge
How many crazy ways can you read this month? 
Try the February reading challenge with your whole family. Tick off each day as you complete it - will you complete them all? You may like to share some of your photos onto our class blog for everyone to see!
Happy Reading!