2017 School Journey

1st October 2017
Monday 9th October update: The children are all settled on the coach and they are very excited to be heading off towards Kilvrough. The coach has picked up the children from the other school but due to leaving late here and heavy traffic they are unlikely to arrive at the centre until after 1pm.

Tuesday 10th October

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, we had a great bus trip but we all got a little bit scared going over THAT bridge!When we arrived at the centre, we unpacked and – trust us – you did not want to see our rooms after we had emptied all of our cases!

We then got straight into an activity - obstacle course and low ropes. The obstacle course was REALLY hard. You had to carry a beam of wood over many obstacles. Our group worked really well and we only dropped the wood (which we had called Barry) once. The low ropes was fun, also. You only had ten lives altogether as a team. You lost a life if you fell off and we only just made it!

In the evening, we did a sort of treasure hunt in the ground. There were bats everywhere! I (Alfie D) found a massive drop after I had run over it in the dark – don’t worry, you’ll be relieved to know I’m fine!

We went to bed sensibly and Mr Mayling managed to get 6 hours of beauty sleep.

We’re going surfing today – should be fun!

 Alfie D and Alfie J


Wednesday 11th October

Hello Chinnor!

Yesterday, as the start of the day was windy, we had to stay at the centre for the first little bit. This gave us the chance to know our way around the building some more. My group (Freddie) also got to use the obstacle course. My group (Milly) used the low ropes on this morning (and I was the team captain).

We had lunch on the lawn of the centre and then got into our wetsuits – which was quite hard (Jude had a pink one).

As the weather was quite windy, we didn’t do surfing (the boards could get taken by the wind) but we did bodyboarding instead for two hours. This was fine because the waves were really big and we zipped along! We never lost our boards because they were strapped to our arms all of the time.

In the evening, we went on a night walk. It was fun. We walked up to a ruined, cliff-side castle. We had to guess what was in front of the castle. It was too dark to see to begin with, we turned off our torches and let our eyes adjust to the darkness – it was a long river that led out to the sea.

We were really tired at the end of the day and we got into our PJs and went straight to sleep (well most of us).

Today it’s kayaking – can’t wait.

Milly and Freddie


Thursday 12th October

Hello all!

Yesterday, we went canoeing. We had lots of fun working out how to steer the boats. We had to talk lots – which some of us found a challenge – and work well as a team.

It was very wet so we got soaked through to the skin even before we jumped into the river!

Towards the end of our time in the boats, we were asked to lean backwards in pairs and touch the top of our heads in the water. I (Natasha) let go of Alfie’s legs, I back-flipped out of the boat and landed in the water (photo below).

In the evening, we had a scavenger hunt around the grounds. We had to find different mini beasts and types of leaf, etc. within the centre. My team (Isaac) was called the ‘Wingnuts’. The winning team was ‘Rebel Unicorn’ (who were Jess, Emily, Milly and me – Natasha – and Elsie from the other school).

We went to bed and went to sleep straight away but we were unfortunately woken up by the fire alarm (it’s a little sensitive and was set off by the laundry machines). We are all a little bleary-eyed this morning.

Natasha and Isaac


Friday 13th October

Hello everyone!

We have nearly finished!

Yesterday was a fantastic day. We went rock climbing on one of the beaches near the centre. We had a twenty minute walk from the minibus to the cliff that we were going to climb. Even this walk was fairly steep and Mr Mayling was a bit wobbly. We were told to put our feet in the ten-past-ten position so we didn’t slide down.

When we got to the cliff side, our tutor set-up three different climbs for us. We worked in teams of four to allow one person to climb: a climber, a belay-er and two others two wind in the extra rope. Every person in our group had a go at the climb. We were really proud of ourselves.

I (Summer) was a little bit scared but I thought I did ok. I got to near the top and was one of the first to climb.

I (Aidan) was a little nervous at first but I learnt to trust my team and the rope. As I gained confidence, I was even allowed to climb blindfolded with my hands tied (don’t worry Mum and Dad – I’m ok). I even managed to make it to the top and back down again with the blindfold on.

At the end of the day, we were allowed to abseil down the cliff face from the top. Natasha – like yesterday – managed to end up in the water. Let’s hope she stays dry today!

In the evening, we packed out bags (which took a long time) and we’re to get going later today.

Summer and Aidan