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Ancient Egyptian Workshop 25th January 2022

Today, we had a very exciting afternoon at our Ancient Egyptian Workshop. See of you can remember some of the facts we learned.

We learnt all about the pyramids, especially the great Pyramid of Giza which is where the Great Pharaoh, King Khufu.

Can you remember how tall this pyramid was? (Clue think of double decker buses)

We had a go at rolling the stones on logs, just like they would have done in Ancient Egyptian times. This was good fun although it wasn’t as easy as it looked.

How many tonnes of stones did it take to make it? (Clue –?  million)

There were many replica artefacts for us to study and learn about their uses or why they were so special in Ancient Egypt.

How many languages was the Rosetta stone written in?

We also had a go at being a scribe and writing our name using a reed and ink.

Who were allowed to be scribes in Ancient Egypt?

21st January 2022 

This week, the children have been working hard on their descriptive writing. They have been writing their openings to their own adventure stories with a focus on using an expanded noun phrase and writing in paragraphs. 

Here are a few of their amazing descriptions:


Once upon a time in lovely mysterious jungle, animals were flying and moving around the land and in the magical sky.

It was always sunny and there were always animals everywhere you go. There were birds in trees, animals approaching other animals like tigers and lions.

Deep in the jungle the dangerous animals lurk in the gloomy, dark endless side of the jungle.  It was so dangerous not even the giant apple dared to go over there.


By Max



Deep down in the cold, snowy forest, animals were searching for food. I go looking for food and water.  All I could eat was snow.

The forest was completely white. I could not see anything and if danger came, I would be in big trouble.

I smelt cold air flowing through my body. I heard snowy owls howling and trees waving and haunting sounds.

I was worried. “I have no where to go but forwards, I am lost in the white, snowy forest.” All I could see was trees, snow and white. It was terrifying for me!


By Sydney


One day, an explorer journeyed to a radiant, ancient jungle with lush, green trees to find a priceless gem. When he got there, his mouth fell open. The tress was enormous! Their leaves were the size of books!

As he approached the colossal tress, he heard about a million birds call from their amazing homes. He couldn’t see any nests, though he was sure they would be just as incredible as the tress.


By Bethan


One day in the jungle, an explorer went out on a dangerous mission to find an ancient artefact. The weather was lovely and sunny, but the smell was rancid and awful. He could hear the loveliest birds singing to him.

The he could see a giant, gloomy cloud moving in so he built an amazing cave under the most lovely bit of shade.

And then, an awful chunk of air hit him that smelt awful and rancid.


By Charlie



Once in a sandy, deserted desert among the frantic sandstorms,, a tomb lay that could harness the power of evil. Amid that power nothing really remained of the master. No one ever got near to the spot where he lay because of the treacherous   sandstorms of the powerful desert.


By Euan



Deep in the deep, dark forest I heard birds singing and chirping. 

As I went further into the dark, ginormous woods I could see on top of the logs there was a centipede so I ran. 

I smelt lots and lots of flesh, so I went to investigate. I was so worried. I went more into the forest and there was a hole in the tree!


By Layla




Ancient Egyptian Workshop 
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Important notices
Please make sure your child comes to school with a water bottle and a coat.
Thank you. 
  PE will now be on a Monday and Wednesday. As space is an issue in our cloakroom, please can I ask that children only bring in their kits on PE days.

Homework - Due 27th January2022


Complete the SPAG quiz


Please try and read for at least 10- 15 minutes every day. Reading includes Bug Club, newspapers, comics and magazines as well as a bedtime story. You now have been given your reading diary which they should have taken home. We would encourage parents to regularly use as this helps us know what you have enjoyed reading and gives you points towards your reading awards.  

Please make sure reading diaries are in school every Monday. 


Our spelling focus is the sh sound spelt ch. You have spellings added to your Spelling Frame account.

Topic – due 4th February. Please do not bring in before this week.

Choose one activity from the activity menu each fortnight and bring it to school by the Thursday. Activities should take approximately 30 minutes (15 minutes each week). Some activities may take longer.  The following week fortnight you must choose an activity from a different section. All the activities are related to our Ancient Egyptian topic.  You have the choice to present your work in whichever way you prefer. This could be a poster, model, drawing, a PowerPoint or however you choose! Be creative! Please email any electronic work to the class email address. 


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Spring Term Overview 
This term our topic is the Ancient Egyptians. You will find details about what we are covering in our weekly overview below. We have an exciting workshop to look forward and hopefully a trip to Pitt River's museum in term 4 (Covid restrictions dependent).