Year 2

Welcome to Year 2
Christmas Craft Morning
Thank you to everyone that joined the Christmas Craft morning on Wednesday morning! The children enjoyed spending the morning making decorations, reading Christmas stories, making biscuits and much more! It was a lovely way to start the festive period!
Exploring Space
As part of our Explorers topic we have been reading the book 'Ollie Discovers The Planets'. This fictional book about Ollie the Alien, has helped us understand more about the 8 planets in our solar system whilst also helping us with our descriptive writing. In class we learnt the mnemonic Many, Vile, Earthlings, Munch, Jam, Sandwiches, Under, Newspapers to help us remember the order of the planets. This inspired us to write our own... which on is your favourite?
Firework Poetry
This week, we have been looking at imagery in Literacy. We have focussed on similes and onomatopoeia and the children have created some fantastic acrostic poetry, both in pairs and independently using fireworks night as a stimulus...
Term 1
We had a great first term in Year 2. The children took part in lots of activities and experiences including, Quiditch workshops, a trip to the Cotswold Wildlife Park and a talk from a local Police Officer. We have also had a great start to our Explorer topic, the children discovered an exciting package that had been washed up from Christopher Columbus. We used our exploring skills to navigate our way around our local area on our KS1 walk, which inspired some lovely descriptive writing from he children. The children have all settled in well to our new routines and are enjoying learning new skills across the curriculum.
Children will receive two new books each week. A reading book, matched to their reading ability. Please ensure this book comes into school each day as we will also use this book in class during our reading sessions.
Children will also choose a sharing book from the library every Thursday. This may not be a book that your child can read independently just yet, but one they would like to share with you at home. 
This year, we are starting a new phonics scheme called Little Wandle. You will find more information about this scheme under our 'Useful Links and Documents' section. Any children that did not pass the phonics screening in Year 1 will retake the screening in the Summer Term.