Week 1 - 22nd Feb 2021

Welcome Back!
I hope that you have all had a lovely half term break, you really deserved it! We are hopeful that everyone will be back in school very soon, but for now you will find the home learning for Week 1 below.
This week we will be revising all Phase 3 & 5 sounds and learning about alternative pronounciations of the graphemes /i/ and /y/. I will be teaching these during our live lesson on Wednesday.
This week we will be using Oak National Academy to learn about arguments for and against keeping animals in zoos. This unit will run for 2 weeks.
This week we are learning about numbers up to 50. It will help if you practise counting up to and back from 50, starting at random numbers. There are also lots of fun YouTube videos to dance along to; we often use Jack Hartmann videos.
You can also ask your children to point out numbers around the house or on your walks.
I hope that you are still enjoying BugClub books and recording in your reading record working towards your Olympic Medals. This week I have set a great reading comprehension unit for you to try. There is a short video to watch (don't worry, no animals are hurt), then discuss and answer questions.
I have also given you a link to read some comic books on Phonics Play, let me know if you enjoy these.
This week Miss Martin and I have created some topic activities for you to complete which will help us learn all about the human body. We learnt last term that we are animals, mammals in fact, and that we share many traits with other animals. This week we want you to research lots of information about our bodies and the amazing things that we can do!
As always, please let me know if you need anything printed or have any other questions.