May 2019

4th May 2019

Mill Lane Community Primary School News


The Year 3 and Year 4 children have been having a fantastic time learning about the Stone Age as part of this term’s topic. Who would have thought that Mill Lane had hidden treasure! The children certainly found plenty when they kicked off the topic with an archaeological dig on our field. Everyone learnt about how to mark out the area and how to use the right tools to sift through and dig up the dirt. There was old cutlery, pots, jewellery and coins. Back in the classroom, the children learnt how archaeological evidence provided clues as to what happened in the past.


Outdoor learning is a great way to engage the children in their topic. To help bring the Stone Age to life, the children went down to our Forest School area to participate in a range of Stone Age activities for the day. The children had the opportunity to try to build their own shelter using anything they could find and also made clay finger pots. The fun didn’t stop there as the children created cave drawings using charcoal and chalk as well as spraying paint to create stone age cave hand prints.


By the end of the topic the children will have created their own museum using artefacts they have created throughout the topic as well as all the objects they found on their archaeological dig. Hopefully, the parents will enjoy visiting the museum and appreciate all the hard work the children have put in to create it.