Kilvrough 2023

Kilvrough 2023
Monday 27th March 
After a very early start, the children have had a very busy first day. The weather has been kind to us so far, so the children have been able to enjoy the grounds and take part in lots of team building activities. This evening, we have been on a night walk to the ruins of Pennard Castle where we were able to view the stunning sights of Three Cliffs Bay. 
Tuesday 28th March 


After an uneventful night’s sleep (most were asleep by 11pm), we were all refreshed at breakfast and ready for the day’ activities. One group headed off to do some canoeing and the other two took part in scrambling, rock climbing and abseiling. All the children (including adults) were very brave! Everyone pushed themselves to try new things and overcome many fears! There were great examples of teamwork and encouraging others throughout the day.

This evening, the children were challenged to build a den big enough to fit their whole team in, and one which would provide shelter before it got dark! All had great fun and came up with some very innovative designs! Another example of great team effort!

The weather might not have been as nice as yesterday but that hasn’t stopped Mill Lane having fun!


Wednesday 29th March

This morning we all were fully refreshed after a very good night’s sleep.  All was quiet in the dorms from 10pm and the children even had to be woken by staff this morning!

Today, two of the activity groups headed to the canal for a spot of canoeing. Many challenges were conquered- steering being the main one! After a while on the water, they were soon guiding their canoes through brambles and tight spaces and learning that the key to going in a straight line was communication!

The other activity group headed to the Brecon Beacon for a beautiful walk by some spectacular waterfalls. Resilience was key to this activity as it was long, wet and muddy in places. However, the children absolutely smashed that goal and were able to enjoy the natural beauty surrounding them!

After a good meal this evening, they headed out onto the grounds of Kilvrough to complete an orienteering challenge. There were lots of great examples of teamwork and encouraging others.


Thursday 30th March


After another good night’s sleep, the day began with a big breakfast of cereal, toast and bacon baps.

Today, group A and B got to experience the amazing waterfalls at Bro’r Sgydau that Group C came back raving about yesterday. The walk was long and hard at times, but the children (and staff) were determined to defeat the challenge of the 170 (HUGE) steps down to the foot of the waterfall. Both groups got to walk right underneath and got well and truly soaked! However, it was an absolutely spectacular view and an experience we will all remember!

Group C went to the sea cliffs for rock climbing and abseiling and faced their toughest challenge so far. There were lots of nerves amongst the group but they tackled them together as a team and put trust in one another when coaxing each other up and down the cliffs.  There was an awful lot encouragement and cheering and all managed to achieve their personal goals and came back to the centre buzzing with adrenaline!

Everyone enjoyed pizza, salad and wedges for dinner before embarking on the mammoth task of tidying the centre and packing all the bags.


Friday 31st March 


It was a very busy last day at Kilvrough Manor! The children had to get up extra early today to make sure rooms were cleared and tidy and suitcases were out of their rooms before they could go to the beach altogether. It was a test of children’s organisation skills when they had to have clothes to wear for the day, clothes to change into and all bags packed and lunches remembered but eventually we got there.

After we had everything ready, we were all transported to Port Eynon where we had a very wet walk along the coastal path. However, the weather didn’t top us all doing a spot of rock pooling and discovering lots of interesting sea creatures.

When we arrived back, we quickly had to put our equipment back for the last time; get changed and put our clothes away before we said our final ‘thankyous’ and goodbyes to the instructors and got on our bus ready to come home!

It’s been a fantastic week! All the adults have been so impressed with Mill Lane children. They have shown fantastic teamwork and leadership as well as showing great resilience in tough situations. Each and every one of them has become more independent and have shown they can adapt to any situation! 


Underneath Sgwd yr Eira waterfall