Book Week

Book Week 2021
This year, World Book Day might have been slightly different to what it normally is, but it didn't stop Mill Lane Children having lots of fun throughout the whole week.
We had a jam-packed week of engaging reading activities, such as: choosing a task from the afternoon learning menu; creating favourite book characters; taking part in the sponsored, Ready Steady Read and Pirate Treasure hunt; watching a live performance of a theatre production and of course dressing up as our favourite book characters. There were so many fantastic costumes; the teachers had such a job choosing the class winners!
Character Creation Competition 
Well done to everyone who entered the character creation competition. It was lovely to see how creative you all are and the standard was very high! Your creations are all fantastic and all deserve a prize, however there can only be one winner from each key stage.
See below for the winning characters. 
Competition Winners
Congratulations to:
Kira Wilson- Reception-for her creation of Cinderella 
 Louis Leavesley- Year 2 - for his creation of the Ice Monster 
Abigail Watkinson - Year 3 -  for her creation of Tiddler 
James Parker- Year 6 - for his creation of Baby Yoda
KS1 Winner
LKS2 Winner
UKS2 Winner
Virtual Book Fair and Ready Steady Read
A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who supported our virtual book fair and Ready, Steady, Read sponsored read.
We have raised a phenomenal amount of money to spend on books for our school which is going to make a huge difference. I am sure the Reading Ambassadors will have lots of ideas already as to what they would like to help spend the money on.
In one week, you all read for a total of 6755 minutes - that's the equivalent to 113 hours of reading. You managed to raise £738 altogether!
Congratulations to these children who read for the most amount of minutes for their Key Stage. 
EYFS: Kaylum Pritchard who read for 235 minutes
KS1: Henry Caine who read for 560 minutes
KS2: Corey Poole and Noah Mason who both read 600 minutes. 
You have won a book of your choice up to the value of £10 from Usborne Books. Please visit the website link below and email your choice to Miss Moseley at
On top of the money you raised through the Ready, Steady, Read, we raised £633 from our virtual book fair. 
Altogether we have £1371 to spend on books! Amazing!! 
Thank you to Lisa at Usborne Books for her help with these events and a special thank you to Kerry Bowers who arranged and ran the fantastic Pirate Treasure Trail.
Theatre Productions
Children at home and at school were able to enjoy a theatre performance of some of their favourite stories and plays. 
 "The actors had good costumes and they made us laugh!" - Reception Class 
"I liked the bit where Goldilocks went home at the end," Willow Reception Class
"My favourite part was when the rabbits saw Goldilocks, they scared her and made her jump," Kai- Reception Class 
"Even though Romeo and Juliet was a tragedy, the performance was very entertaining. The acting was very detailed and the actors were very funny," Lacey Webb - Year 3
"I was impressed that they were able to perform it just with 3 people. My Favourite part was the Flashback dance!" Austin Mason - Year 5 
"I thought the play was humorous, I laughed a lot and it put a smile on my face. The characters were great, and only a few actors learning many different characters," Hannah Middleton - year 6 
We would like to send a special thank you to the Hobgoblin Theatre and The Globe Players for their fantastic performances.