Day 4

11th November 2016

Hi School!

We’re nearly done – we’re writing this on Friday morning and our bags are all packed!

Yesterday, Group A (including me – Sophie C) went canoeing in a canal. We started off learning how to steer with a quick game of ‘Stuck in the Mud’ on our boats. Then we paddled down a LONG canal. When we got to a lock, we stopped, and we sat on the edge of the boats, and dipped our heads backwards into the freezing water and Amy fell in! She nearly fell down some rapids, too (don’t worry – she’s alright!). On the way back, Ed – our instructor – tied all of the boats together and we had to paddle as if it was just one big boat.

Group B also went canoeing in a canal. Near the end of the day, our instructor started to drench us with his paddle, which was very cruel. He gave us a challenge to sit on the edges of the boat and lean back without falling off (the challenge looked impossible but we proved that we were brave and had courage to do it). Some people, including Alice (me), fell into the water and got no help out. How rude!

Group C (including me – Grace) went rock climbing, abseiling and scrambling on the beach and cliff side. For our group, the trickiest part of the day was actually abseiling because we didn’t have any rocks to abseil onto – it made abseiling and rock climbing really scary! (but we managed to succeed). When we were scrambling, Jack got his head stuck in a pothole – so Mary had to pull his legs down from the opposite side. He’s alright now, though.

We’re looking forward to seeing you later,

        Grace, Alice and Sophie C