Kilvrough 2016

7th November 2016

Hello School,

We have arrived and we’re (surprisingly) alive (somehow)!

It was a good journey but Jude didn’t manage to eat his full packet of Rich Tea biscuits - he even had to share them out!

When we got there, four people had suit cases the size of blue whales. Connor needed a friend on every corner of his case to help him get up to his room!

Our first activity was the ‘High Ropes Course’. In Group A, Oliver C was first over the high tree branch! In Group B, we had to work together to get over a tricky obstacle course that involved lots of teamwork! In Group C – the rope swing was something that made us all giggle – there were lots of children dragging their feet across the ground (but not all of us)!

Our night time activity was a treasure hunt around the grounds. It was a dark and super spooky – things were creepy in the darkness!

We got our letters – there were lots of tears – we’re missing you all but not the lessons!


              Sid and Sonny