Junior Choir Performances

27th January 2015

Mill Lane Junior Choir on Tour 

January has been a very busy month for the Junior choir as they have performed, not only at the local Darby and Joan club, but also at the O2 arena. 

On 19th January 2015 the Junior Choir sang for the members of the Darby and Joan club. They performed several songs that they had been rehearsing for their performance at the O2 arena. It was a great opportunity for the children to perform in front of an audience and see if they could remember all the words. The children were rewarded with a drink and biscuit – a treat they thoroughly enjoyed!

On 27th January 2015 the Junior Choir finally got to perform at the O2 in the Festival of Voices concert. They had been rehearsing for many months and the children were excited by singing at such a well-known venue. Each year the choir performs at the O2 and the children never fail to impress us with their hard work in learning the songs and their enthusiasm during the performance. Mrs Ward and Mrs Thompson were delighted by the children’s energy, commitment and behaviour. 

The choir has already begun rehearsing for its next performance which will be at Dorchester Abbey.