Day 3

10th November 2016

Dear School,

On Wednesday, we split into groups and did different activities: Group A and B went rock climbing; Group C went off to do kayaking.

In Group A, we thought that rock climbing was really fun. We found a hole and Ed – our leader – told us to stick our heads in the hole and shout, “Hello Mr Dragon!” When it came to Oliver’s turn, he stuck his head in so far that, when a wave came, he got a face-full of water.

Group B also went rock climbing. Amelie wanted to try everything and was up and down the wall several times – like a cat! Halfway through our day, a storm settled in and we had to take shelter in a cliff cave. Sonny, Connor and me (Tiggy) led the others in singing the ‘Pop Medley’ – we called ourselves the ‘Cave Choir’ – Mrs Thompson would have been proud!

Group C went kayaking and we got into partners. At the beginning, we paddled round in circles until we got the hang of it! Later, we were put in different partners. I (Charlotte M) was with Jude and it was kind of ok but we did win the race on the way there!

In the evening we had a MASSIVE cake for dessert! It was Selasi-sized! Only a brave few were able to eat it all (including Sid).

We miss you so much (but can’t believe we’re nearly finished),

       Finn, Tiggy and Charlotte M