Day 2 at Kilvrough

9th November 2016

Hello School,

Day 2 done!

On Day 2 we went surfing!

It was FREEZING cold but we all gave it a go! We had another classmate with us in the sea – a curious seal was swimming with us as we surfed which was cool!

Many of us managed to put up with the cold and stay in the water for most of the morning. By the end of our time,  Charlotte D, Faith, Amy, Teya and Oliver were all super confident (with a few of them – Charlotte D included – even able to stand up!).

It was very cold so a few of us went to keep warm on the beach. Mrs Sheen set up a tent – which was surprisingly warm – and we had hot chocolate, too – it was delicious.

Our evening meal was spag bol (which was better than her mum’s recipe - according to Polly).

In the evening, we went orienteering. We had to find signs that were hidden deep within the grounds. We had to be brave but it was so much fun.

There are now LOTS of wet clothes – the drying room is a mess and a bit smelly! But we’re all safe and happy.

See you soon,

                        Faith, Megan and Teya.