Mill Lane School Classes

Mill Lane School is a one form entry school with 6 classes plus the Windmill Foundation Unit. Our aim is to keep class sizes to a maximum of 30 children in order for the teacher to make children’s learning more personalised.

The Foundation Stage Classes

The Foundation classes follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum. The EYFS covers children’s development from birth to the end of their first year in school (Reception).  Both classes plan topics that build on the children’s own interests.

Nursery – The Nursery (F2 class) offers up to 5 free sessions a week. Parents can choose from various sessions offered on Monday to Thursday. Parents can book extra sessions at a cost of £12 per session. Please contact the school office for more information on the Nursery’s opening times or follow the links on this website.

Reception – Children will be admitted to the Reception (FS1) class in the September after their 4th birthday. The Reception class follows similar topics to the Nursery class so that the teachers can work together on planning, share resources and expertise. The Reception class has a large indoor area which has areas that promote the different learning strands. In addition to the spacious indoor area the class benefits from a large, enclosed outdoor area. There is an emphasis on learning through play.

Key Stage 1

We have two Key Stage 1 classes; a Year 1 class and a Year 2 class. Both classes cover the same topic and there are opportunities for the classes to work on projects together. All the topics are cross curricular which means that subjects are not seen as separate e.g. History, Art, Geography etc. The children use the Phonics Bug Scheme to help them recognise sounds and words. The children in Year 1 and 2 regularly visit the local library. There is less play in Key Stage 1 and more formal work especially in subjects such as Literacy and Numeracy. At the end of Key Stage 1, when the children are in Year 2, they will undertake formal teacher assessments using material provided by the government. This will inform you of the level that your child is working at. The children in KS1 start at 8.50am and end at 3.05pm.

Key Stage 2

There are four Key Stage 2 classes: Year 3, 4, 5 and 6. The Year 3 and 4 children will cover the same topic, and the Year 5 and 6 children cover the same topic. When the children are in Year 4 they learn a musical instrument; in the past it has been violin and guitar (there is no charge for this). Currently the children are learning the cornet.
The Year 5 children are playground buddies for our Reception class which involves organising games and playing with the younger children at lunchtime. Our Year 6 children have many responsibilities throughout the school including answering the phone at lunchtime, acting as mentors to younger children and they also read with younger children. In Year 6 the children go away on a residential team building trip for 5 days. The Key Stage 2 children start at 8.50am and end at 3.15pm.

Click on the files below to see what topics / themes each year group will be covering for the year 2015 - 2016.